Weasley: Girl Dachshund 6/17/2008


Dumbo: Girl Cat 1/??/1998Image


Hagrid: Boy Your Guess Is As Good As Mine Mutt 3/21/2010Image

Oreo: Girl Cat 3/??/1998Image

Luna: Girl Miniature Pinscher – Chihuahua – Yorkshire Terrier – Poodle 4/27/2012Image

Jet: Girl Cat 5/??/2002Image

Yes we have a few critters. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Each of them came into my/our lives as a baby. The 3 cats were mine before I married my hubby and since then we have added the dogs. They are funny and keep us on our toes. Each one has their own personality. Dumbo is definitely a cat. She avoids most people and wants attention on HER terms. She is very soft and has a very loud purr. Oreo Is a people cat, especially with men. She is very friendly and loves to eat people food, specifically McDonalds french fries. Jet seems to be bipolar. The sweetest cat in the world purring away and then out of nowhere she growls and bites. She is a feisty one. Weasley fits all stereotypes of a weenie dog. She is MY dog but loves my husband too. Hagrid is happy go lucky and not the smartest dog in the world. He is big but thinks he is s small lap dog. Luna is still in puppy mode. Full of energy and a little on the mischievous side.