I am going to attempt to come up with meal plans every Friday for the following week. Friday works best because Saturday is the best day for my husband and I to do any shopping that needs to be done. If I do my meal plan then I can make my grocery list from that. I already have everything for basic side dishes on hand so I pick those when it comes time to cook (unless I’m doing something special). Here goes this week’s!

Sunday 3/3: Dinner out with a friend.

Monday 3/4: Porcupine Meatballs (Grandma’s recipe)

Tuesday 3/5: Chicken nuggets

Wednesday 3/6: Sloppy Mikes (a homemade variation on Sloppy Joes stolen from a friend)

Thursday 3/7: Chicken tacos

Friday 3/8: Pork chops

Saturday 3/9: This is our splurge day when we eat out.